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pest control tracy, ca
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Are you seeing ants, roaches, spiders, rodents, or other pests around your home? Powell & Pastran Pest Management's expert exterminators can rid your Tracy home of invading pests fast! We provide our customers with extermination solutions to keep their homes pest-free.

Our Pest Experts Would Love To Help

Our expert exterminators would love to assist you in selecting the best pest extermination services for your home. Our team of exterminators are equipped to handle and pest infestation for you! You can

  • Depend On Our Team Of Exterminators To Show Up On Time!
  • Find The Root Cause Of Your Pest Control Issues With A Detailed Pest Inspection.
  • Deliver An Extermination Solution That Solves Your Pest Problem For Good!

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Our Top Pest Services

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Cockroach Tracy Pest Control Near Me

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches can show up in your home at the worst times! Our specialized cockroach control services are designed to knock down roach populations fast! Our pest team will do the hard work of exterminating the roaches for you!

Tracy Ant Pest Control Near Me

Ant Control

You have a lot of choices in pest companies. Our team of expert exterminators here at P&P Pest will ensure ants won't ever be an issue again. Our customized pest control service keeps ants out for good.

Tracy Spider Pest Control Near Me

Spider Control

Want those creepy crawlies out of your home? Trust our pest specialists to get the job done. We can drastically reduce the spiders that can make it into your home so you can relax. Let us handle the spiders.

Tracy Wasp Pest Control Near Me

Wasp Control

Our team of wasp exterminators will take back your yard from those pesky wasps! Once our pest experts inspect and treat your home, wasps won't stand a chance. Now you can have that backyard BBQ worry and pain free!

Pests Don't Stand a Chance When You Give Us A Call!

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Pest Services That Works!

Tracy Pest Control Near Me

Year Round Pest Control

Regular Pest Services keep your family safe from health hazards that pests can pose. Having an expert exterminator assist you with your extermination needs will ensure that those dangerous pests are eliminated.

Preventative Pest Management

It's essential to take appropriate pest extermination measures to prevent pests from entering your home. Our extermination service are designed to keep your house safe from ants, spiders, rodents, roaches, wasps, and more throughout the year. Having a routine extermination service that targets both current and potential pest infestations can help protect what matters most: your family.

We Guarantee If Pests Come Back, We Will Too!

Commercial Pest Services

Tracy Commercial Pest Control Near Me

Providing Pest Services For Businesses

Our professional exterminators provide you with the intel you need to ensure pests do not become a problem. We understand that there is a threshold of zero for bugs inside your place of business. Our team of commercial pest experts have your back!

Our Pest Experts Protect Your Brand

P&P Pest Management helps you keep your workplace pest-free for a safe and clean environment. One bad online review of a rodent or cockroach in your place can stop people from returning.

Looking for Commercial Pest Services?

Pest Servies For Rats

we exterminate these nasty critters

Tracy Rat Pest Control Near Me

How To Keep Them Out

In order to keep rats out of your home, you must seal off all of the entry points to your home. Our team of pest professionals has the tools and carpentry skills to modify your home in such a way that prevents future infestations. Common areas that need attention are:

  • Unsealed A/C condenser lines going into the home

  • Garage doors that need a new seal

  • Doors that need a new door jam

  • Vents around the home that need repairing

Let The Pest Professionals Help!

If you think rats could be in your home, contact the Tracy rat control experts at Powell & Pastran Pest Management before they cause more destruction, costing more money!

Need Pest Services For Rats?

Rodent Exterminator

Exterminator Tracy CA

The Importance of Residential Pest Control Services

Importance Of Tracy Pest Control Services

Safeguarding Health and Safety From The Nasty Pests

Effective pest services are crucial for maintaining a healthy home. Rodents, insects, and pests can transmit diseases and contaminate living spaces. Our team of pest professionals actually help prevent illness and ensure a safe environment for your family.

Protecting Homes and Structures For Major Pest Damage

Pests like rodents can cause severe damage to homes.  These pesky critters create hazards by gnawing on wires, and at the very least, can cause electrical issues and at the worst, could start a fire. We have even seen rodents destroy a home by chewing on the pex water lines in a home. Our pest services safeguard your homes and preserve the property's value and structural integrity.

Allergens and Risks Associated with Pests

Certain pests, such as roaches and dust mites, trigger allergies and respiratory issues. Extermination services done well will minimize your family's exposure to allergens, providing relief for residents susceptible to allergies and ensuring a healthier indoor environment.

Our Expert Residential Pest Services

Custom Tailored Pest Solutions

P&P specializes in personalized residential pest control solutions. Our experienced team conducts thorough assessments, identifying specific pest issues and implementing targeted treatments for effective and lasting results. We understand the complexities of every home and pest situation and take the time to implement a pest control program that will deliver the best results.

We handle your current pest infestation and help keep the bugs away

Our services cover a wide range of pests, including rodents, insects, and more. Our holistic pest management approach eradicates current infestations and prevents future occurrences by addressing the root causes.

Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Services

We prioritize environmentally friendly control methods, minimizing harm to non-target species and maintaining ecological balance. Our eco-conscious strategies ensure the successful extermination of pests without compromising the environment.

Our Extermination Team Is On The Frontline

Our residential pest services play a vital role in Tracy, CA, ensuring health, safety, and property protection. By partnering with P&P, residents can maintain a pest-free environment, promoting overall well-being and a high quality of life.

Environmentally Sound Pest Control Tracy

Let Us Help Keep Your Tracy Home And Family Safe

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions we get about our pest services.

Are your pest services safe for my family & pets?

Powell & Pastran Pest Management cares a lot about keeping your home safe from pests. We carefully pick our pest products so they're safe for people and pets. Our team knows how to use these products effectively and safely.

Is Pest Control Really That Important?

Pest control is crucial for our health, comfort, and homes. Pests can cause health problems, damage our homes, and ruin our gardens. We protect every home, keeping your family safe and home happy. Hiring an exterminator is not a luxury, it's essential.

How often should my home be serviced for pests?

P&P suggests pest services be performed every two months. After an initial big treatment, regular check-ups help keep pests away. However, each home is different. Sometimes, we may need to treat your home more often, especially with fast-breeding pests like cockroaches. We'll make a plan that fits your home and keeps it pest-free.

What is the cost for your pest control services?

The cost of our pest control services at P&P Pest Management in depends on your home's size, the type and amount of pests, and how often we need to treat your home. We start with a full check of your home, then give you a cost-effective plan that fits your needs. We aim for great service at a good price.

What do I do if the pests show back up?

At Powell & Pastran Pest Management, we work hard to keep your home pest-free. If pests come back after treatment, don't worry! Sometimes, pests can be tough to remove completely. If you still see pests, just contact us. We'll come back to check your home and treat it again if needed, at no extra cost.

How long does it take handle a pest infestation?

How long it takes to get rid of pests can depend on the type and number of pests, and the size of your home. For example, small ant problems might be fixed fast, but large cockroach issues could take longer. At Powell & Pastran Pest Management, we'll give you a timeline and keep you updated until your home is pest-free.

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