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Are cockroaches invading your home? You can trust the expert exterminators at Powell & Pastran Pest Management to exterminate roaches from your home in Tracy, CA. We provide thorough cockroach pest control inspections and precise extermination treatments to keep your home cockroach free. Give us a call today so our Cockroach control specialists can assist you.

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Our 3 Step Extermination Process

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1. Cockroach Control Inspection

Our cockroach extermination experts will identify shelter and food sources that might attract roaches. Our professional cockroach extermination pros suggest starting with non-chemical pest control strategies to help lower the pest pressures (adding door sweeps, sealing openings around the home, etc.)

2. Cockroach Control Plan

Once your cockroach control inspection is complete, we can determine which  cockroach extermination service will work best for your Tracy, CA home and property. Our roach control experts will be able to more precisely create an extermination plan for you home to make sure that the right pest control products are being used to target the roaches you are dealing with.

3. Cockroach Extermination Service

This is where our cockroach pest control team gets to work. Our cockroach exterminator will follow the plan and perform the pest control service we prescribed for your property to rid your home of cockroaches! We then follow up regularly to ensure your home is free from any new roach invaders.

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Cockroach Exterminators

Commercial Cockroach Control in Tracy, CA

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Cockroach Control For Your Business

At Powell & Pastran Pest Management, we offer comprehensive cockroach control services for our commercial clients in Tracy, CA. Our expert team uses advanced, safe treatments and proactive strategies, ensuring your business remains a clean, cockroach-free environment conducive to success.

We Protect Your Business' Reputation

At Powell & Pastran Pest Management, safeguarding your business's reputation in Tracy, CA, is central to our mission. Our discreet, efficient cockroach control services minimize disruptions, ensuring your business remains pest-free, promoting a safe, welcoming environment that enhances your professional image.

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Our Cockroach control experts are highly trained and able to swiftly and thoroughly exterminate roaches the right way the first time. We are Tracy, CA's 5 Star Rated Cockroach Control.