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Are ants popping up around your home or property? Rest assured that Powell & Pastran Pest Management's professional ant exterminators in Tracy, CA can eliminate these ants from your property. Our team of pest control experts conduct a comprehensive inspection for ants and employs targeted treatment methods to ensure that your home remains free of ants. Contact us now and our ant control specialists will be happy to help!

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Ant Control In Tracy, CA

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Our 3 Step Pest Control Process

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Ant Control Inspection

Our ant control specialists will pinpoint areas of shelter and food that may be attracting ants. Our professional ant exterminators will recommend beginning with non-chemical pest control methods, such as sealing gaps around the house and reducing food and water sources that attract ants, to decrease the presence of ants.

Ant Exterminator Tracy, CA

Ant Control Plan

After conducting a thorough pest control inspection, we can recommend the most effective ant control service for your home and property in Tracy, CA. Our experts in ant control will then develop a targeted extermination plan that uses the appropriate pest control products to address the specific type of ants infesting your home.

Ant exterminators Tracy, CA

Ant Control Treatment

This is where our ant control team gets to shine. Our ant exterminators will execute the plan and provide the pest control service we recommended for your property to eliminate ants from your home. We also conduct regular follow-ups to ensure that your home remains free of any unwelcome ants in the future.

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Argentine Ant exterminator Tracy CA

Argentine Ants

Argentine ants can quickly infest homes and gardens. These small, light brown ants are known for their ability to form massive colonies, making them difficult to control without professional help. At Powell & Pastran Pest Management, we specialize in the safe and effective removal of Argentine ants, so you can enjoy a pest-free environment.

Odorous House Ants

Odorous house ants emit a strong, unpleasant odor when crushed, which is where it gets its name. These tiny brown ants are attracted to sweet and sugary substances and can quickly infest kitchens and pantries. Our pest control experts provide effective solutions to eliminate odorous house ants from your home in Tracy and prevent future infestations.

Odorous House Ant exterminator Tracy CA
Pavement Ant exterminator Tracy CA

Pavement Ants

Pavement ants are found in urban areas and can quickly infest homes and gardens. These small black or brown ants are known for their tendency to create nests in pavement cracks and other hard surfaces. You can trust the ant control specialists at Powell & Pastran to give you the most effectively remove pavement ants to help protect your home and property from infestations.

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Our ant control specialists go through extensive training and are equipped with professional tools to completely exterminate ants from your property. We make getting rid of ants look easy! As a 5-star rated pest control company in Tracy, CA.

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