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Dealing with rat infestations is a prevalent issue that numerous homeowners encounter. At Powell & Pastran, we are dedicated to ensuring that your residence remains both healthy and free from rat-related concerns. Our team of rat exterminators conducts a comprehensive assessment of your home to identify any indications of a rats presence. This examination encompasses areas that rats are prone to inhabit, including the kitchen, attic, basement, and spots where signs of rats are noticeable.

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Rats: An Unwelcome Guest

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Rats Cause Destruction

Rats have a reputation for causing harm to residences. They gnaw their way into homes to gain entry into structures, and their destructive tendencies extend beyond that. They exhibit a tendency to chew on wires, air ducts, sheetrock, water lines, and various other components. The scope of their damage doesn't end there—rats are also notorious for contaminating stored food and leaving fecal matter within living areas.

What Rats Do I Have?

Two prevalent rat species can be found in Tracy, CA: the Norway Rat and the Roof Rat. The larger of these two is the Norway Rat, while the Roof Rat comes next in size. Homeowners frequently encounter the Roof Rat in their attic spaces, which is why it has earned the name "roof rat."

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Our rat extermination specialists are highly trained and able to quickly rid your home from rats the right way, the first time. We are Tracy's 5 Star Rated Rat Control company, providing rat trapping & baiting services, rat exclusion, and commercial rat services.

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