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Are Rodents Running Amok?

When rodents infest your home it can be extremely difficult to get these mice and rats under control. Rodent can cause chaos in your home as they move around in your kitchen and living areas. Rodent Pest Control is important because

  • Rodents leave urine and droppings wherever they go
  • Rodents destroy the electrical systems of your home
  • Rodents damage food and other items
  • Rodents make holes in water lines
  • Rodents chew holes in your walls

Don't Let Rats & Mice Damage Your Home

It is important to contact the Rodent Experts at Powell & Pastran Pest Management as soon as possible. We know that the rodent problem needs to be eliminated quick and efficiently and have the tools to do so.

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Rodent Trapping & Baiting

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Rodent Exclusion

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Commercial Rodent Control

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Rodents Love Your Home Too!

Rats and mice can multiply very quickly and are constantly looking to raise their new families in your home. Our homes in Tracy can provide harborage for rodents if not sealed off properly. There are certain areas that can provide great provide shelter for rats and mice. Left neglected a small rodent problem can quickly add up to a HUGE rodent problem. Theses areas are:

  • Crawlspaces

  • Garages

  • Attics

  • & Walls

We Are The Rodent Extermination Experts

If you think rodents could be in your home, contact the Tracy rodent control experts at Powell & Pastran Pest Management before they cause more destruction, costing more money!

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It is important to truly understand rats' and mice's biology and behaviors when ridding your home of rodents. Our Rodent Experts our highly skilled in trapping and baiting to ensure that rodents don't stand a chance. If you're looking for a highly qualified rodent control company in Tracy, CA, Powell & Pastran Pest Management is the place you can trust!

Rodent Trapping Is Our Specialty

If you're looking for Rodent Trapping & Baiting, Rodent Exclusion, or Commercial Rodent Control, Tracy's top rated experts are Powell & Pastran's Rodent Control Team. We understand that it is our responsibility to provide the very best rodent solutions so that you can relax in your home and not ever have to worry again about rodents causing damage to your home.

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Our rodent control specialists are highly trained and able to quickly rid your home from rodents the right way, the first time. We are Tracy's 5 Star Rated Rodent Control company, providing rodent trapping & baiting services, rodent exclusion, and commercial rodent services.

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